Jewelry Care

Some pointers to help you care for your Jewelry by ShawnaDenise purchase.

All items are handmade with care by owner ShawnaDenise herself and many of them are one-of-a kind pieces. Some stones may have moderate blemishes and size variations, which occasionally appear on natural gemstones.

I’m here to help you preserve the beauty of your Jewelry by ShawnaDenise pieces so that it may last a lifetime, here are some helpful hints.

  • Always remove your jewelry when performing any tasks that may expose it to sharp blows, scratches, harsh chemicals or abrasive substances; it may damage the precious metals or gemstones.

  • Apply perfume, cosmetics, hair spray before putting on jewelry; and never expose them to household chemicals.

  • Prolonged exposure to water and direct sunlight may change the color of some the colored gemstones, for that reason; please use care when exposing pieces to direct sunlight or water.

  • Store pieces separately in jewelry cases or a storage container to avoid scratching.

  • Do not use jewelry cleaner or any harsh chemicals to clean your jewelry because it may take away the detail and color. It is best to wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Bracelet size

Buying bracelets is much easier if you know your correct wrist size. When you order a bracelet you want to fit it properly!

Most women feel comfortable wearing a bracelet that is 7 to 7½ inches in size, which is the standard size. The bracelet will hang between your hand and wrist bone, which is the most attractive position.

Wrist sizing

These simple instructions tell you how to measure your wrist properly so you can be sure your bracelets will fit right.

When measuring for bracelets, measure tightly where your wrist is broadest.

Measure your wrist with a flexible, soft tape measure just below the wrist bone (below the wrist bone is the area between your hand and the wrist bone). This is your actual wrist size, not your bracelet size.


Add approx. ¼ inches up to 1 inch (½ inch is average) to your actual wrist size, this is your approximate bracelet size. The more you add to your wrist size the more your bracelet will hang lower to your hand. Using a flexible measuring tape*, Measure just above (towards elbow) the wrist bone, then add approx ¼ inch to 1 inch (½ inch  is average) depending on how tight you like your bracelets to fit. That is the size bracelet you would wear.

*Tip: If you don't have a tape measure handy, use a strip of paper or thin string, and mark it where it overlaps on your wrist. Then lay the strip flat to measure up to the mark using any ruler.

Return Policy

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Refunds will only be issued for special circumstances. We offer a one time repair within 30 days of purchase. 

"It's not the color I was expecting"

We do our best to display unaltered photos of our strands. Monitor display vs. in-person color may vary slightly. 

What is your exchange policy for product orders?

We are unable to process exchanges at this time.


We suggest Priority Shipping if you would like tracking information. First Class mail is FREE but does not come with tracking information. Once your package is at the post office we are no longer responsible for it. Please double check your shipping address to ensure your package arrives as planned. 

Feel free to email us at or 347.829.5540 with any questions