The Start

One day in 2010 I was strolling through a craft store I came up on one of those make your own bracelet kits, curious I brought it. With that kit I made my first two bracelets when I showed my finished product to my mom she immediately wanted it.

This is the first bracelet I made


I went back to that craft store and purchased some more beads and started making bracelets and earrings for myself. I would wear my pieces out and to work everyday one day a co-worker asked about a bracelet I was wearing she wanted to buy it, I had no idea what to even charge but I sold it right off my wrist for $12.00. She still wears that bracelet to this day


So what started as a way to expand my personal jewelry collection has turned into an opportunity for me to share my unique handmade pieces with the world. 

Jewelry by ShawnaDenise is now a line of handmade jewelry that includes stylish earrings, beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets, ankle bracelets, unisex, men's and kids beaded bracelets and charm bracelets. 

All items are made with natural gemstones, crystals, pearls and other quality materials. The unique thing about Jewelry by ShawnaDenise is that none of the pieces are mass produced, each and every piece is HANDMADE by me Shawna Denise.

We offer a wide range of pieces to suit a variety of styles and budgets. Custom designs are our specialty.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.